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TOP - Testing & Training on line Performance (Italy)

University of the Study of Udine Velo Vision Top - Informatics x Sport Ares Group

TOP –  Testing & Training on line Performance (Italy)

Prof. Giancarlo Pellis, enforcing the methodology realised by the Computer Assisted Machinery is the athletic trainer of the "Karbyk Official Team", taking part in the 1999 HPV World Championship, in collaboration with the Department of Biomedical Sciences of University of Udine and Ares Group.
This methodology is used also by CONI (Italian National Olympic Committee) and is applicable in all sports: prof. Pellis collaborates also with the “Acrobatic Air National Patrol – Frecce Tricolori” as their athletic trainer.
This method also used by the Karbyk Official team which participated in the HPV World Championship 1999.
Prof. Pellis analyzed the tests at the University and three diverse subjects were examinated.
Then, the "Top" System was used.
The 3 pilots were Raffaele Bertoni, Moreno Moroso and Andrea Romito,  with various physical characteristics and diverse races to be undertaken.
The first training started.

From January 1999 every week, the pilot's progressed was monitored, modifying their training according to their performances.
Bicicle riding, road running, gym training, and karbyk racing was carried out following medical tests and individual precision timing.
Prof. Pellis continued to "mould" our athletes naturally.
The chronometer data, the cardiofrequence meters the cyclo-computer and sweat took our Official Karbyk Team to the results you can see on our world page.
Maybe we can reply in 2002!