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On the World - F.E.V.P. (Francia)

B.P.C.C. (UK) F.E.V.P. (France) H.K.H.P.V.A.  (Hong Kong)

Nearer to us we find our French cousins : the Federation Europeenne de la Voiture Pedalier
They were born in 1980 as university sport but in 1989 the association was created with the purpose to unify all already existing groups.
We can say they did a good work because nowadays there are 52 teams  entered at the French National Championship.
The success of this association consists on the mix between competitive spirit of races and fun.
The cars are really well done: they are very fast and have a funny and original design.
In each race there are 3 classifications: one for best speed, one for best idea and the final one which is made summing these two ones.

In this way also not so fast cars can have a chance to be well placed.
Everything is organized in detail: teams can enter in the championship for all the year or only for a single race, the whole stuff has an insurance, the sponsors support the teams but also the association.
We remained surprised for the big success and the great spread this association has in France. 
There is a plenty of people interested in pedal cars and also a lot of sponsors ready to help in organizing beautiful events: we think this can be a goods example for all.

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