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ON THE WORLD - B.P.C.C. (United Kingdom)

B.P.C.C. (UK) F.E.V.P. (France) H.K.H.P.V.A.  (Hong Kong)

When we began this adventure in the Pedal Cars world we had an amazing surprise in discovering that there so many lovers of this  sport in the world.  
Now we see that our work is getting more and more important and on the international side our foreign friends are very interested in meeting us.
They want to create all together an organization able to spread Pedal Car G.P. all over the world and to make them know as a real sport. 
Some years ago we were contacted through Internet by the International British Federal Pedal Car Racing Association (BPCC) which had a high experience in organizing Pedal Car races. 
Their G.P. were different from ours: they lasted longer, with more pilots and were organized in places not easily accessible by the public. 
We had a two year experience in championships all around Italy so we saw how races enthusiasm the public. 
2001's BPCC organized a wonderful race during a Recumbent meeting (the Spokesfest) in Leicester. 
We did not miss it and there were a plenty of people.
The results were very high and 2002's BPCC will organize a second race in Leicester also thanks to funds from the city. 
We are really of satisfied this result and we want to thank all the organizers. 
See you in Leicester. For more information visit the website www.pedalcars.co.uk