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Following you can find the Web sites links that are similar subject of Karbyk, or that we talking on this pages.
There are very interesting information: if you like to know better the bicycle and the Human Power movement choose the Web site that do you think much similar of your research...
www.ihpva.org        International Human Power Vehicle Association  
www.image.dk     HPV Club Denmark (Secretariate to HPV European Championship 1998)
www.futurebike.ch  HPV Club Switzerland (Organised HPV World championship 1999)
www.recumbent.com  Commercial news of Recumbent type
 British Federation Pedal Car Races (organised National Championship)
www.hkhpva.org Hong Kong HPV association
www.home2.freegates.be HPV Club Belgium (Secretariate to HPV European Championship 2000)
www.ibike.org International Bicycle Found (news and suggestion for travel ecc. from/to the world)
www.bikenews.org Bicycle News Agency
www.ecf.com European Cyclists' Federation 
www.pedalprix.com.au HPV Club Australia (and races...)
www.ussmmonza.it Associazione sportiva Monzese
www.monzanet.it Officiale Web site of Motordrome of Monza (with information also to Meeting of Sport...)
www.pleinair.it One Web site from monthly italian newspaper about free life on open air, campers, travel, ecc.
www.zem.ch Zero emission machines - Switzerland
www.rcvr.org/fiab.htm Federazione italiana amici della bicicletta
www.edisport.it Web site of specialized italian newspaper on Cycle Sport (that are "examined" also Karbyk races)
"Amnesty International":
we share the opinions of this association.
www.kneetopjoint.com Our official "body trainer".