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SEASHORE - in  wonderful Sardegna

Extra Along Tour Gran Prix on the seashore


Try to imagine a beach in the south of Sardegna in September 2000 ,150 drivers divided in 10 teams, each called like a F1 team...
Now imagine 10 gazebos as box, a sparkling sun and 10 Karbyks ready to run for an amazing Grand Prix, for something never seen before. 
A track drawn around a tennis ground and a golf-course, a track which has an up-and-down course with dangerous dunes which do not allow mistakes of trajectory.
Well, the Karbyk Official Team was able to organize a GP in these conditions, letting all the 150 drivers run, doing the free trials, qualifications, race with crowded pit-stops, spectacular competitive spirit and entertainment.
If you want to get in touch with this GP go on looking at the beautiful photos and the films...