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European Championship 2005 - Autodrome of Monza (Italy)

European 2005
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The 3rd edition of  Pedal Car European Championship take place in Italy during the month of June 2005.
Which more consistent place - to entertaint this event - if not the mythical National Motordrome of Monza's?
The temple of motor races and, from this year, also of the Pedal Car Racing!  
We dedicate therefore this event to all the people with passion of the motor competitions but not only, also to all those that love the Park that surrounds this fantastic sporting structure.
Needless to say that the organizers of Sport's Festival are enthusiastic of this idea, and therefore do we begin the adventure thanking in advance those people who will make possible all of this: particularly the Union of Monza's Sport Society (USSM) and the Direction of Motordrome.


Place: Monza's National Motordrome
18th or 19th weekend of June 2005 .
During the "Festival dello Sport" week-end event (Sport meeting)
For every information you can also visit the official web site:  www.monzanet.it
Timetable (Provisional)  
- from time 18.00 Teams Reception
- time 19.00 General Briefing
- time 8.30 Meeting of all Nationals Associations Manager
- time 8.45 Technical Check-in
- time 10.00 Start of First race (1 hour)
- time 11.30 Start of Second race (2 hours)
- time 16.00 Start of Third race (3 hours)
- time 9.00 Technical Check-in
- time 10.00 Start of First race (3 hours and half - 210 minute)
- time 16.00 Start of Second and Final race (30 minute)
- time 17.15 Awards
Race rules:   See and download
Technical rules:
  See and download  
Entry form:   See and download  
How to reach:
all information, roads, crossed, contacts, etc. they are visible to the official web site of the Motordrome www.monzanet.it
Details on the way; http://www.monzanet.it/eng/come_raggiungerci.aspx  
www.monzanet.it Official web site of Monza's Motordrome
www.ussmmonza.it Union of Monza's Sporting Society (Sport Festival Organizer)
www.pedalcars.info British Pedal Car Championship (BPCC)