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The  Factory  Ares Group

Ares Group was born in 1996 by engineering on behalf of a third party: to realize a new project or to develop an existing project, from the start to the finish constructive industrial designs with a particular attention for the "Quality System ISO 9000 - 9001" for technical offices.
Also graphic realizations for trade and publicity were made.
Founded by Paolo Cencigh, engineer with a passion for technical design, it is natural evolution of primordial thinking: problem resolving.
The evolution of the problem solutions is based on one single thought: simplicity.
Different companies need different solutions, even if the production is similar.  
Some client companies of Ares Group:
FARAM S.p.A. (Giavera del Montello - TV)  Community furniture.
PRESOTTO INTERNATIONAL S.r.l. (Maron di Brugnera - PN) Home and Contract furniture.
MODERN DESIGN S.r.l. (Faedis UD) Office and Community furniture.
SNAIDERO ENGINEERING & TRADING S.r.l. (Majano UD) Hospital furniture.
CHINESPORT S.p.A. (Udine) Articles of Physiotherapy Rehabilitation
INTERNA S.r.l. (Tavagnacco - UD) Hotel and Contract
GERVASONI 1882 S.p.A. (Pavia di Udine - UD) Ethnic furnishing
Besides the professional know how and necessary confidential privacy to develop a new project in Ares Group we find the passion for new ways and to invent new things.


This is how our Karbyk was born.An idea transformed into reality - a perfect example how we operate.
No investment in machinery (the only mould made is the seating). 
Aimed technology  (the choice of aluminium is based on the comparison price/performance - welding has been substituted by special glues).
Simple clear ideas  (each supplier has his own technical designs).  
A vehicle reduced to the essential (the applications are only for security and fun). 
An innovative Recumbent design (would don't you like to try it?).
The check-up of the project (technical testing on diverse circuits to guarantee the quality).
An elastic, quick and simple production (from small to large quantities). 
Our trademark  Ares Group and Karbyk have been also designed by Ares Group.
ARES GROUP via Guglielmo Marconi, n 18 33010 Reana del Rojale (UD) Italy Fax 0432 / 857504

E-mail : Aresgroup@infinito.it


P.IVA - 01 96 00 70 306